Enterprise IT Transformation

We work with your business and IT teams in developing a roadmap, build a strategy and provide governance to achieve your Enterprise IT Transformation. Our Services in this section are :

IT Strategy Technical IT Architecture
  • Develop IT Strategy and IT Roadmap
    • We develop IT strategy & IT roadmap aligned with your business plans
    • Enable business delivery & derive business value
  • IT Enabled Business Innovation
    • Make business aware of technology trends to improve productivity
    • Assessing/proposing possible benefits of applying existing technologies
  • IT Maturity & Risk Assessment
    • Operational maturity assessment of your IT environment
    • Assessment of IT risks in the environment and mitigation recommendations
  • End User Computing
    • Desktop Management & Virtual Desktop Solutions
    • Mobile Solutions
  • IT Security
    • Enterprise wide IT security architecture
    • Security configuration & setup
  • IT Infrastructure Strategy and Design
    • IT Infrastructure roadmap
    • IT Platforms of – computing, network, storage, security
  • Data Center Optimization
    • Data center standardization
    • Data center consolidation & rationalization
Infrastructure Optimization IT Governance
  • IT Modernization
    • Analyze current landscape & develop target architecture options, implementation plans
    • Identify opportunities to modernize infrastructure, using best practices and industry trends
  • ERP System Renewal
    • Design future architecture for ERP
    • Provide insights to draw more value from the current systems
  • Strategy for Cloud
    • Develop cloud computing strategies
    • Cloud implementation planning and migration
  • Service Management of IT systems
    • Design & implement the processes of service management
    • Strategies & Governance model for SLA based IT services
  • Optimize the IT Organization
    • Build and sustain capabilities in IT organization
    • Optimize the staffing and location mix
  • IT Projects Delivery
    • Design & implement project delivery model
    • Implement industry best practices & tools for Project Management
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